The core purpose of the League of Educators for Asian American Progress (LEAAP) is to sustain the advancement of the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Asian American community through service, support, recognition, and leadership development. We have created the infrastructure to ensure an  effective and caring organization with a mission to nurture, and support the  existing and growing needs of our MCPS Asian American community.


  • Promote the pursuit of college education for Asian American students.
  • Encourage the field of education for Asian American students.
  • Support Asian American staff and students through educational advocacy.
  • Establish a community to support the development of educators and the progress of Asian American issues.
  • Increase public awareness of the needs and accomplishments of the Asian American community in Montgomery County Public Schools.

Additional Work

  • LEAAP members support the MCPS Workforce Diversity initiative to support the vision of building a culturally responsive and diverse workforce in MCPS.
  • Networking opportunities for our Asian American employees to meet and enjoy each other’s company and make new friends!

LEAAP 2018-2019 Officers

Mr. Jae Lee
Mrs. Khanny Yang

Co-Vice Presidents:
Dr. Cathy Allie
Mr. Matthew Ghaman
Mr. Michael Lewis

Ms. Maddie Tallapragada

Ms. Helen R. Blankfeld
Ms. Molly S. Kim

Board of Directors:
Dr. Donna Shimoda Hollingshead
Dr. Yong-Mi Kim
Mrs. Elaine Chang-Baxter