Our Mission

  • Promote the pursuit of college education for Asian American students.

  • Encourage the field of education for Asian American students.

  • Support Asian American staff and students through educational advocacy.

  • Establish a community to support the development of educators and the progress of Asian American issues.

  • Increase public awareness of the needs and accomplishments of the Asian American community in Montgomery County Public Schools           

Join Us!

LEAAP is here to serve our members and the community.  Our monthly meetings enable our members the opportunity to network and learn about about the resources that are available throughout MCPS to help them meet their career goals and great people in the system.




Woks for Washington is a grassroots initiative based in the Washington, DC metro area, focused on preserving Asian American culture, primarily through sharing Asian cuisine. We’ve chosen this focus due to the increased phobia of Asian spaces and food following the COVID-19 pandemic, and because Asian cuisine is an essential part of our culture.

Our first project is to raise funds to purchase meals from our local mom-and-pop Asian restaurants, and donate the meals to local hospitals and homeless and emergency shelters. This is our two-prong approach to fighting the increased xenophobia and food insecurity in our community brought by the pandemic, and supporting our front-line heroes.


Our goal is to donate 5,000+ meals by summer 2021, which means we need to raise $50,000+ by spring 2021 to make it happen. So far we have donated 350 meals, putting $3,000+ back into the DMV Asian restaurant community, since we started in July.


Urgent action needs to be taken, as many Asian restaurants are making the tough decision of whether to stay open or to close permanently. The more we can help them now with their cash flow issues, the more likely they will make the decision to stay – especially as we are closing in on the end of the calendar year.


As we move forward and into 2021, we hope to continue helping our current restaurant partners and meal recipients, while growing our roster. COVID-19 and its effects on the restaurant industry and our community will be here for longer than many of us imagined, so we need your help more than ever!

1. We are actively recruiting volunteers to help us make meal deliveries every week! Please sign up on our Calendly and read our volunteer guidelines for info on delivery logistics and safety guidelines.

  • All meal deliveries are Friday night (for dinner) or during the day on Saturday

  • Time slots are currently available for October and November 2020

  • Help us reach our 5,000+ meal goal! Your help would truly allow us to increase the impact that our meal deliveries are able to make on the Asian restaurant community and the DMV community as a whole.

2. We are currently fundraising to reach our $50,000+ goal, and to bring meaningful cash flow to our restaurant partners as soon as possible. Please consider donating to our cause if you are able!

Helping Asian restaurants survive is important now more than ever. If these restaurants decide to close, the DC metro area would be losing essential cultural institutions that represent our cultural identities, traditions, and heritage. With the Asian population in the DC area being among the highest in the US, our community would be at a huge loss if we permanently lose these Asian spaces.


Through preserving Asian cuisine, we hope we can also help to maintain and grow the diversity unique to the DC area, and continue to play a part in making our capital a place that welcomes all races, cultures, and nationalities.

Please take a look at this WFW presentation about us and our COVID-19 initiative, current results, and expansion efforts. Feel free to reach out to us at info@woksforwashington.com with any questions or concerns.


We have also started our Food for Thought blog to tell stories from real people on their Asian American identities and how Asian cuisine has contributed to building those identities. If you would like to contribute to our blog, please fill out this form!


Check out our website and blog for more information, and please help us spread the word!

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